Thursday, February 5, 2009

VUE is not just another piece of cool software, in it lies years of union experience and worker strife. It was developed with recognition of what unions need to compete and follow through on their extremely important mission, fighting for workers rights!

How does VUE do this? How could a piece of software be so important in the fight for workers? When you think about what it takes to manage the membership info day in and day out for a handful of people, and then multiply that by thousands you can see how the fight could be bogged down and distracted by the sheer amount of paperwork. That's where VUE comes in. After building your local union office's business rules and bargaining unit contract rules into the inner workings, the paperwork and managing your members then becomes a breeze, allowing you and your office to focus on what matters the absolute most, your members rights!!

What makes VUE so different and outstanding is that it is built from the ground up for unions, by unions, and it understands the union business. Going even further, it understands that each union does business differently and allows the flexibility for ever changing ways of doing business. In effect, VUE grows with your union. Add to that a team whose passion is for the fight, who understands technology and the need for the highest level of support and care, and you and your union have what it takes to compete, and thrive!

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